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Interactive Cooking Parties

Delight your Friends and Family with a fun and Interactive Cooking

Experience learning Indian cuisine

in the comfort of your own Home


Cooking events can be lunches or dinners, and typically last 3-4 hours spent preparing a five to six course meal. Then the rest of the time is spent with family and friends where you all enjoy the meal you've just made!

It's hosted in your home. You will learn specific cooking techniques and the instructor Sylvia Parks will share all her family secrets to make the meal just perfect!

This is an interactive cooking party where you and your guests help prepare the meal. It’s fun and informative learning experience and you will be blown away how easy it is to prepare the meals once taught all the secrets.

Prices depend on Menu Selected… see Menu. Please note that cooking parties require a minimum of 6 people and there is no maximum. In some cases less than 6 may be accommodated.  For more information please contact me by email or phone.

If you live outside of Barrie, please note that there is an additional $50 fee to accommodate for travel time and cost.